Saturday, May 12, 2012

Rainbow Trout

Flies for Sale, Yellow Lake BC
We were out yesterday for a drive to Keremeos for the scenery, and some more famous Gala apples, when on the way we came across some fishermen at Yellow Lake. It actually was Green. They were fishing for Rainbow Trout. Another name is Steelhead Trout, which after two or three years in the Pacific Ocean return to spawn in the rivers and lakes. There are also Brown Trout. Some people were casting, others fly-fishing. It made for a pleasant stop and interesting conversations. One chap makes his own flies and sells them as can be seen on the sign on his chair!

Friday, May 11, 2012


Colourful Shopping in Toronto ( courtesy of Wikipedia )

Our very own Shopping Centre, with living accommodation close by.

Our Cherry Lane Mall, to enter, go under the Purple Roof

The Yellow Sign and the Yellow Taxi. If you don't have a car, a taxi will do.
A 2000 year old shopping list found recently near Hadrian's Wall belonged to a Roman soldier. It was written in wax on a wooden tablet. It was determined by an Oxford Professor to contain items of clothing. A suit of clothes then would have cost 8% of the soldier's annual income, and a warm cloak to protect him from Britain's cold and wet weather would be 10%. So we had better all quit complaining about the cost of living! All these shopping malls, markets, downtown areas, bazaars, etc for buying things might disappear one day, to be replaced by on-line shopping. But hopefully not in our lifetime!
Oh by the way, if you would like to see a video extolling the beauty of Penticton, try clicking here!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Charlton Musgrove

Charlton Musgrove is a small place in Somerset UK. It is of interest because one of its residents moved here in 1902 and eventually built a house in Penticton, with 12 bedrooms because he had eleven children. He was called Hugh Charles Musgrove Leir (1880-1971).
Sketch from the Leir House Cultural Centre Brochure of the Front Entrance

Chamber Music Performance Area

Dining Room Art Gallery

Back View of Leir House

Front View 
His wife, Joyce Lane Hassell (1892-1955), fom Dareth, Kent, came here in 1913 and they were married a year later. Do any of you have a name from the place you were born? Anyway, yesterday we visited their house, built in 1929, now used as a Cultural Centre for Arts and Music.The first concert was held there in 1979 by classical guitarist Selwyn Redivo.
 It is called The Leir House Cultural Centre. Here are a few images from our visit.
Oh by the way, we have to connect the dots....

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

To Pose or Not to Pose

Yummy! Rhubarb Pie! AND Whipped Cream! Paris and Ellen indulge.

Ellen tasting the pie

Birthe with her pet Molly

Posing and even looking into the camera!
Most folk pose for their photos and stand in rows or sit straight up and the results go into their albums. But sometimes candid photos work better. Professional photographers work somewhere in between. My camera lessons even suggest multiple release (with spot focus) to try and catch the fleeting expression that succeeds, and to avoid closed eyelids. Today's examples are of both the posed and candid varieties...

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Another This and That Post

A few images from around here to show what it's like in May.
A long time ago I lived in Rochester, Kent so was interested to see pictures of the 32nd Chimney Sweep festival from there in the Guardian. A few Morris Dancers drinking beer too!
Don't forget to occasionally check out one of my favourite blogs by friend Robert Genn. (Click on his banner picture on the right)....
Cherry Lane Shopping Mall next door. (Cherry tree on the right) 

Round Garden in Oliver

We live in America

How would you like these in your front garden?
Hope you all enjoyed the Super Moon photos.
Oh by the way, Penticton High School is celebrating its 100th anniversary here this weekend. The population of Penticton was 600 back in 1912. Today it is just over 42,000.

Monday, May 7, 2012


After the Service

The Graveside Ceremony in Oliver

Mourners come to lay flowers on the Casket
The modern movements of feminism were predated a thousand years ago in the USA long before the white man ever came on the scene. The Iroquois Nation held women's rights and thoughts to be so important, all leading decisions were made by the women at the top. Matriarch comes from the two Greek words for "mother" and "to rule," and yesterday we attended the funeral of such a lady of 96, who was considered a matriarch by some of her family. She was not only a leader, but apparently so loved, so loving, popular, and well known in the town, as to be incredibly admired and looked up to by everyone who lived there. Unfortunately we never had the privilege of meeting her.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Repeating Patterns in Photography

Kelowna YMCA: These opposing cars seem to be daring the pedestrian to walk between them...

Repeating patterns in Architecture

Our Car's Rear Window
Repetition in photos is somehow interesting. I'm not so sure about a photo of the 20 green apples with a red one though. But lines seem to be different. There is repetition too in poetry, music, teaching etc but that is different; I'm not into phantoums or villanelles, but see if you like these photos from yesterday, and see if you know why....