Saturday, August 13, 2011

Escape from Horrid Reality

Some people get depressed. Some commit suicide. Others just go on holiday, or take weird photos. But these guys take the biscuit for escapism. We hope you will peruse their fascinating inventiveness, and maybe get inspired to do something new and different!
Water Slides A-Plenty. Vernon BC.

Water Park, Armstrong BC.

Skate Board Park Graffiti

Oh no! Not another oil spill in the North Sea. Time to start planning to buy your electric car.

Friday, August 12, 2011


Deep Shade in Linden Gardens

View from Golf Club Balcony after Red Wine, Osoyoos

Burrowing Owls ( With thanks to the Winery of that name where the painting hangs)

Mountain Ash Berries are Everywhere just now.
We are sharing some cheerful photos today, but also some sombre, serious ones more redolent of these sad rioting times. We think it is quietening down but no-one is sure how long it will continue. Meanwhile we send our condolences to all those innocent people affected in UK, and hope no other countries will be affected in this way in the future.

Thursday, August 11, 2011


Grapes Growing in Osoyoos
Helena enjoying the Juice of the Grape

View of the approaching storm edges above Osoyoos

Niece and Aunt
On our last day out with our visitors we took them to Osoyoos. They were also most impressed by Linden Gardens. We had a great dinner party at the Osoyoos Golf and Country Club, outside on the deck with a lovely view of flowers, greens, the lake, and distant US mountains. Today they flew back to Toronto. Last evening whilst we were enjoying ourselves, there was a horrific thunderstorm further north in Kelowna, with quite a lot of flooding, hail damage, and power outages. We were lucky!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


" See Ya Later " or Hawthorne Mountain Winery

Red Rooster

Red Rooster

On Munson Mountain
We took our visitors yesterday to a couple of wineries and out into the peaceful countryside around us, or "out into Nature" as the Danes say. Off to Osoyoos today. I hear Eltham residents organized to protect their community from the civil disobedience and destruction that is going on. 200 of them. Congratulations! Where is Moses with his tablets and the ten commandments? We need him back! In actual fact, his people didn't listen to him very well at first I am told. Maybe we need a Caesar? or a Winston? 

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Our Two Visitors Arrive in Penticton ( Ospreys )
By Air from Vancouver

Shlomo takes us out to the Hooded Merganser for a coffee

Hanne's Niece Helena

Too busy with our visitors and watching the disastrous situation in UK. Get some more gaols soon and shut them all up for a few years? Or put them all on a rowboat to an Island? Or start improving the job situation? Or get them building new gaols? Or all of the above? At least the stock market went up! All is not lost. Maybe they can play soccer next week-end after all ? At least we can watch it on TV. Ours wasn't burnt up or trashed.....Shlomo:" We thought UK was a civilized society"....

Monday, August 8, 2011

Sun Worship

The Trondholm Sun Chariot( Photo Credit to Malene Thyssen )

Sun Worshipper Gazing into the Sun

Hungry Sun-Worshippers line up for Shaved Beef Sandwiches etc.

Skaha Lake Beach
I think this handsome hound likes being photographed !
We still do it. Worshipping the sun goes back to Neolithic (10,000 BC) times, if not earlier. In Nordic Bronze Age Culture the sun was dragged around the sky daily in the Trundholm Sun Chariot. Other cultures use barges. Today we lie in it to get that super-attractive sun-tan, sometimes blockers are put on beforehand which is a bit of a contradiction. I've known teenagers returning from a few weeks in Mexico with skin cancer. They have lots of that in Australia. Even a white shirt doesn't protect. That's why these days young people wear black clothes. Keeps them warm but keeps the light out. No cancer. At least some of them . Most just worship the sun. Like on these pictures from Skaha Beach yesterday.....

Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Day After

Linden Gooseberries. Help yourself!

Hanne by Skaha Lake
Showy Milkweed in February 2010

Showy Milkweed Seed Capsule just forming today.
Shlomo and Helena Coming Tomorrow!
Today is always the next day after the day before, and what an event filled day that was! In our little town, the big Peach Festival Parade took place, with floats and marching bands. We tried to drive downtown but somehow got blocked up with traffic and returned home for a quiet walk in the park! We watched it all on TV ! Today is the day after the riots in Tottenham , North London, I've never seen pictures like that since Hitler let loose his incendiaries in WW2! Now to ?quieten everything down, Soccer Season is upon us once more. And tomorrow our visitors come. Hanne's Danish niece Helena is due to arrive with her partner. So much for quiet walks in the Park! That will wait. I put a picture of gooseberries in for Pat because she has never tasted one before. Help yourself Pat!