Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Another This and That Post

A few images from around here to show what it's like in May.
A long time ago I lived in Rochester, Kent so was interested to see pictures of the 32nd Chimney Sweep festival from there in the Guardian. A few Morris Dancers drinking beer too!
Don't forget to occasionally check out one of my favourite blogs by friend Robert Genn. (Click on his banner picture on the right)....
Cherry Lane Shopping Mall next door. (Cherry tree on the right) 

Round Garden in Oliver

We live in America

How would you like these in your front garden?
Hope you all enjoyed the Super Moon photos.
Oh by the way, Penticton High School is celebrating its 100th anniversary here this weekend. The population of Penticton was 600 back in 1912. Today it is just over 42,000.


Alan Burnett said...

That last photograph looks like two giant bowls on a crown green. What's with the stars and stripes?

FilipBlog said...

It looks like the trees exploded.


Michael and Hanne said...

As I said, Alan, we live in America- North America, and we fly the Stars and Stripes to make all our wonderful U.S. tourists feel at home in Canada!
Filip, the trees didn't explode, they were trimmed with round clippers!

jennyfreckles said...

I like the round trees - but I wouldn't like the job of clipping them.

Anna at the Doll House said...

Ah Rochester: I think there is a Dickens connection going-on: he was a keen observer of his surroundings too.


Michael and Hanne said...

Thanks Anna!
Certainly Mr Pickwick knew Rochester. There is his coaching inn still there.