Thursday, October 4, 2012

Black Diamond

George Nielsen, Danish Baker, Black Diamond Alberta

Some of his wares

The Pretzel, sign of all Danish Bakeries

More Hay for More Beef

Old Store Black Diamond

I think Alan would like this store
We had an interesting visit to Black Diamond recently. A town in Alberta whose economy was originally based on oil, hence the name. We met the Danish Baker there, George Nielsen, who is willing to ship his bread and cakes by Greyhound Bus anywhere in Canada. We had a nice lunch there, with homemade soup and delicious bread, followed by egg on toast. Then Hanne wandered off and found a Bohemian Clothing Store, whilst I took photos.....
We came away from Black Diamond needless to say with a full complement of Danish Baking for our stay in the cabin at Pigeon Lake. Sorry, no potatoes...
Oh by the way, a blog by Damian Carrington in the Guardian says that all the Arctic Ice will be gone by 2030, meaning the end of our world as we know it. It is ironic that then arctic exploration for more oil will be even easier! He titles his blog "Planet Earth's white flag of surrender" A good short read.