Thursday, August 2, 2012

Summer Outdoors

Ski-Jumping into Okanagan Lake! This person is doing a twist in the air before getting doused!

Outdoor (En Plein Air) Painting
Also known as "Peinture sur le motif"

Para-Gliding ( They are about to get their feet dipped! )


What is your outdoor activity this summer? We have had several problems here already-: a drowned seventy three year old paddle-boarder in Okanagan Lake, a lost twelve-year old girl in Skaha Lake, and a couple of fractured lumbar vertebrae in youths jumping off a cliff into another lake, not to mention two rock-climbers falling to their deaths in Canmore ( they didn't have their ropes safe. )
So here are a few images of the good things that go on around here in summer, just to balance things out!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Double Vision

Good old Bradley! He's done it again! Gold for Britain!
On our walk yesterday I was presented with these images. I couldn't believe how they kept coming!
It was as if I had double vision. After three I thought that was it, but Hanne found a fourth!

Mail Boxes

Motor Bikes

GMC Trucks
Maybe I'm seeing triple?