Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What's in a Name?

We are living in an interesting time, when the future is advancing at an exponential rate, and when discoveries in long ago history, and in long-ago composed music (e.g. Hans Gal) are doing the same. For instance, Apple i-phone 5 is now a reality, and with the help of computers, the world's biggest language group, Indo-European, has been shown to have originated in Anatolia, Turkey. Even more startling discoveries in genes and DNA show that Scottish folk have their origins not in Scotland but in various geographical regions well to the south, like France, Arabia etc.
So we finally come to predicting the future of names. Judging by bloggers and their kin, we will no longer have Christian or Surnames in the future, but names more akin to passwords. It started with R2D2, and continues through acronyms, ending up with passwords ( which also include numbers. )
In Memory of "Bo"

Early  Photo of "Bo" ( My daughter Deborah's dog), who died last week of old age and a bad heart.
A recent art exhibition in Milan was called TDM5, for example. You could also check out KDP450 whilst you are about it.
 Maybe your great-great-grandchild will be called AmJkT658s who knows? Maybe they will have even 22 digits because there will be so many people around by then? It's all in the name of Security you know!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I learnt a new word today. I seem to most days. When I was young in UK the word for eye-shades on horses was blinkers. Now here in North America it seems to be blinders. They are used to pacify horses. The idea is they get confused by too much visual information coming from all directions without them. I think too they startle when things appear suddenly at the side. Other words in this department are pacifiers, visors, and winkers. We also use blinkers and winkers in our cars for indicators of our intentions. Nowadays people drive so fast there is no time to wink or blink or even take notice of traffic signs, so they seem to drive with blinders! Surprisingly there are also companies manufacturing blinders for people to wear. What are they? Fashion accessories? Please folk be sensible won't you?
The Opus Bar and Theatre Cafe

White Lake Eco Reserve

Athens Creek Sunset

Vera's Gladioli
There are also people "going through life with blind/kers on" meaning with distorted religious views, or perhaps biased views and mistaken ideas and prejudices.  Today I even found  pictures of people-blinders to share with you!! Just Google for pictures of blinders!
So take off your blinders and enjoy our photos!