Saturday, June 9, 2012


Jenessa symbolically blows out the candle of learning after twelve enlightened years of education in Calgary Alberta.

An imitation of the pose of her first day of school photo

Contemplating the cup to be filled with new learning ahead at McGill

Jenessa saying goodbye to Mormor as she prepares to ride to school on her last day....
Our famous grand-daughter Jenessa has graduated now from High School and is heading for McGill University in Montreal, Quebec in August for further studies in biology, her favourite sphere of interest. She must have made an early impression as she received a graduation card from her kindergarten teacher!
We happen to have been lucky to have known and photographed her all her life, and one photo shows her in the garden in Calgary on her first day of school, so it seemed appropriate to photograph her for her very last day of school, which was yesterday. She is the subject also of much boasting, as she is off to Singapore in July to represent Canada this year in an annual "Olympiad" for biology students age 16-18 from all over the world, taking part in a fun competition to see who is the best in biology....
Her other passion is Soccer, so she is off to Sweden to compete with some girls from over there after she returns! Good Luck Jenessa and Bon Voyage to your new life!