Saturday, November 5, 2011


A texture in photography is necessarily a visual one, but it sometimes projects into the mind one of physical feel and touch. Photos can also project sounds, smells, or memories. These photos today are examples of such as may be capable of such projections. Textures in photography are so popular there is a large number of companies selling digital textures to add on to your photos as layers.
Tree and hillside textures, OK Falls
Interesting textures on the famous Very First Permanent Photo by N. Niepce. 1826. 8 hr exposure. "View from the window at Le Gras"

Fish in Okanagan River. Looks like Moxostoma robustum ( Redhorse) but who am I to say?

Leaf colors and textures, Athens Creek Lodge
We are saddened today because of the terrible motor vehicle tragedy in Somerset. I thought they had a fog warning system. Time perhaps to wonder why we drive our vehicles using inflammable fuel. The balloonists found out the dangers of using hydrogen, and quickly switched to helium. Why don't we all go out and buy an electric car? I suppose the battery could blow up though!

Friday, November 4, 2011


Some people like counting. For example, every second five people are born and two die.
One can have fun on the internet with this; google "every second" to see. But mostly they give us figures one can't get one's head around. Like every second the sun puts out enough energy to power the Earth's needs for goodness knows how many million years. Or every second we output seven hundred tonnes of carbon dioxide into our atmosphere.
If the sun is so powerful why aren't we already collecting its energy? It seems we are too busy digging up tar and building pipelines and tankers to notice. And of course it's cheaper to use wire rather than pipes.
Yes I knew you would like to photograph me, I'm so handsome.

Bird-watching, Salmon Arm

Okanagan Lake, November. ( Digital Painting )

Skaha Lake, November
Yesterday they announced  that now there are more electronic devices than people in the USA. Really? Years ago Norway had five cell phones per capita. I think it was due to women's fashions. One had to have a pink one for the pink outfit, a blue one for the blue outfit.....
Try running those on gasoline!

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Ancestors by Michael Dennis, photographed Nov 2009.
Sage with Clouds

Mountain Ash

Ornamental Grass Penticton
Michael Dennis lives on Denman Island BC. He is the sculptor that created Penticton Ancestors there; three large cedar figures installed on our waterfront in Spirit Square in September 2009, representing the Spirits of our past, even should I say our bygone Saints. The figures will continue to change as they age, being cedar, going from a gentle brown to an ancient grey color as time passes. All our visitors get photographed beside them!....
Apparently I am not only old, I am not only a forefather or a great-grandpa, but I am also an ancestor, according to the dictionary. Fortunately, I am not a sculpture, yet, like all those other English chaps like Sir Titus Salt for instance. I don't somehow think I ever will be either....thank goodness?

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

All New

Our old car is now all new. Well, nearly. It has a new battery and some new brakes. The noise on full lock has gone- the worn stoppers have been repaired. We have new oil, filters, and fresh gasoline from the farm-fresh pump down the road. It is all clean and ready to go. Where shall we go then?
Yesterday it was calm and sunny, today we get cloud and wind gusts up to a maximum of 70Km/hr. Should make for good waves on the lake. Not good for cycling though.
Here are some November photos. We could get snow this month. Let's hope not much.
Meanwhile the climate in Greece just goes on heating up. The political climate also.   I expect there will be a new government pretty soon.
 In yesterday's newspaper there was an interesting article about a stolen tractor-trailer. The writer said that the owner stole it, and that there was a single driver on board. What he meant to say was that the owner reported it stolen, and there was only one person inside. It behooves us all to take care with our English, to make sure we always say what we mean, and mean what we say.
November Glow

Good Morning!

Old gate, New gate, Shushwap.

Digital Painting
However,the Englishman never says what he means, and never means what he says, which makes it very difficult for foreigners. Now I have to go to Google Translate, to find out what my dear Polish friend Ira said in Polish on Saturday's blog...

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

More from Kaleden

Ring-Billed Gulls, Skaha Lake
Looks like cheating to me. These ring-billed gulls usually sit on the water but owing to a freakish mud pattern at the edge of Skaha Lake they each have a mud perch to rest on.
Rock Patterns, KVR Trail, Kaleden.

Fall Colors in Layers, Kaleden

Distant view, God's Mountain

Hanne is getting really good at finding photos for me to take. The rock and the God's Mountain pictures are her suggestions. Sometimes we come to the lake and find swans but it is too early yet.
Well, Halloween is over, once more it is November. Some people had a party in Enderby and decided to try fireworks indoors. The whole house burnt down! Hope fireworks day in UK is uneventful this year, and "mischief night" also went by safely...
I have decided not to send a monthly newsletter any more, the blog will replace it.
Cheers for now!

Monday, October 31, 2011

The 31st

Angelic Lady 

Scary Boys

Hanne with Pumpkin, Penticton
Busy today, away to Kelowna to have the car serviced, meanwhile down at the mall there were many goblins about young and old. The younger ones were sweet, preening their blue hair, crying because their witches' hat had fallen off, sometimes looking freakish with their parents dressed up to look alike! I was very impressed with a lady in the make-up department straight out of Star Wars with pointed ears, quite realistic.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Last Pre-Halloween Photos

Ghostly shadows on the outdoor Chesterfield at God's Mountain Resort

We are ready for Halloween at Athens Creek Lodge

And at the Hooded Merganser Restaurant Penticton
Yesterday President Obama was handing out candies at his Halloween Party at the White house as the snowflakes came down. Today here it is raining a bit but all is not white as in Pennsylvania. More extreme weather from global warming. Another interesting consequence is the increase in cyanobacteria because of climate change. At our Pigeon Lake in Alberta they had problems this summer, swimmers got a rash from it. Now I read that they have it in the Ottawa river. On a more positive note there are at least twelve new energy efficient cars coming out next year, mostly hybrids. One goes 50 miles on the battery, then the petrol engine kicks in just to recharge the battery, not to drive the car...