Saturday, March 3, 2012

Hot Pool Trip Day Two

Sunset Tree at Fairmont

Coffee outside anyone?

Approaches to Radium Hot Spring Pool
The Pool at Radium

Summer Life-Guard Spot. ( the winter one was in a heated glass box! )

Jean and Joe, our oldest Dippers. Joe is 96! (There is a mural in the back-ground)
" When my way is too rough for my feet, or too steep for my strength, I get off it to some smooth velvet path which fancy has scattered over with rosebuds of delight; and, having taken a few turns in it, find a pool of waters, and after immersing myself in their soothing warmth, come back strengthened and refreshed"
( modified quotation from Laurence Sterne)

 After a glorious sunset we slept like logs and spent the next morning dipping. There were clouds but they evaporated by afternoon, then we were driven the 30 minutes to Radium Hot Springs. There we dipped again but this time for our small dose of radiation, as the name suggests; a long time ago they found radon in the waters, the breakdown product of radium, and the measured dose of radiation is now however considered safe for swimming. Here the warm water comes in at one end, and so at the far end it is cooler and so swimming was possible. Enjoy the photos!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Hotpool Trip Day One

Snowy Roofs at Glacier Park Lodge

Snowy Mountains outside the Lodge

Skiers and tourists arriving for lunch.

Road to Fairmont Hot Springs  (through the front coach window)

Evening Dippers, Fairmont Hot Springs Resort
Monday 26th February 2012. An incredible day of good weather, being driven through the winter wonderland of Columbia, Selkirk, and Purcell mountain ranges, in a bran new motor coach, from Penticton to Fairmont. We stopped for lunch at the Glacier Resort on the Transcanada highway, and arrived in Fairmont just before sunset. They had had a good snowfall the day before which made every view a Christmas card. An evening dip in the hotpool after a long day in the coach was most welcome, even at minus 16 Celsius! The water is pure and odor-free, having no sulphur dioxide contamination, quite unlike others such as in Miette or Banff Hot Springs. The temperature of the water is around 100 F.....

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hawthorn Tree

Hawthorne Tree, by Tim Baylis.  (Watercolor)
Just to say I blogged today, here is my friend Tim's most recent excellent painting of a hawthorn tree in Knighton Park Leicester. Tomorrow we are off on a tour of BC's Hot Springs, staying first in Fairmount. More news later!