Thursday, June 30, 2011

Skaha Bluffs for more details about Skaha Bluffs
Checking the Route
Hiking Trails on the Bluffs, with names of Rock Climbs.

Hanne Hiking at 27 degrees Celsius.
Lots to choose from here. Many hiking trails of varying lengths and difficulty, same with rock climbs. We saw a few people setting out for a climb with all their gear dangling, but mostly it was groups of people going for a day hike. Lovely wild country, lots of wild flowers out and different birds singing; some people still using their i-Pods though...One of the "Sport-Climbs" that caught my attention is called "Doctor's Wall".
I wonder about the name. Is it where the doctors climb or attend casualties?


Claudia Moser said...

Love the pictures! And who knows about the Doctor's Wall? Interesting name indeed!

Desiree said...

What a wonderful place to explore, again and again, each time venturing on a new path. So pleased you two had an enjoyable hike and that the birdsong did not go unnoticed by you. I do wonder why anyone would prefer listening to an i-Pod in preference to the wonderful sounds of nature :)

Friko said...

I studied all the names of climbs, some are obviously descriptive, some are really strange, most are imaginative. I'd love to know the reason they are called what they are called.

Hiking in 27 deg. Centigrade? That's too hot for me.

Unknown said...

I am just speechless. Such energy, awesome.