Saturday, July 23, 2011

Fruit in Season

Seven Places from which to admire the View

The View over Penticton from Munson Mountain

Way down from the mountain

Ripening Apricots
Today we went to the Farmers' Market and bought raspberries, apricots, and juicy big black cherries. The apricots are almost ripe, and in our Saturday Explorations of Naramata and Penticton we found an apricot tree. We sat in the shade after our walk munching on fruit....

Friday, July 22, 2011

Whilst Considering

Possible Van Gogh in ? The Crow & Gate ?

I think they just enjoyed a pint at the Crow and Gate

"The Last Spike" ( in the railway line across Canada ) Just another Tourist Photo!
Whilst considering blowing up the Norwegian Prime Minister, shooting a few dissidents in Iran, and attending a gay wedding in New York, I had a wonderful visit to a cobweb-bestrewn wine cellar recommended by Des Harding's daughter in South Africa, that suggested to me I should talk about a lovely old sixteenth century English Pub by the name of "The Crow and Gate" in Crowborough Sussex. A copy was made in the countryside near Ladysmith on Vancouver Island, so we advised our Danish travelers they should give it a look. It came first in an assessment of all 31 restaurants in Ladysmith. It was one of our favorite haunts when we lived near there, and was the site for several important family gatherings, discussions of various family crises in our children's lives, and the place we went to on our first date some 18 years ago! There is even a painting of the pub, hanging in the pub, by yours truly. It is quite amazing how the photos of the one in England are so like the photos of the one in Canada, even down to the landscaping. We held my big birthday party there some years ago. To see more you are recommended to google "The Crow and Gate" in Ladysmith and in Crowborough. Unfortuately I can't locate a photo from there just now...
Oh by the way, they serve a nice pint of Kilkenny, and it tastes really good in winter by the side of a roaring log fire!

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Whilst waiting for the World to sort itself out, and climate change to improve, we visited Linden Gardens once more for an interlude. The mess in Afghanistan, Iran, East Africa, Libya, and News International continues to nauseate. But it keeps the journalists busy. Except the dishonored ones: they have to languish in jail. Or resigned obscurity.
The year 2011 is an interesting time in history, when so many world leaders are being replaced in a short time. Maybe even Mr Cameron? Mr. Mugabe? Mr Ahmadinejad? Mr.Obama? Mr. Gaddafi? (Gadhafi). The list goes on and on.

At Linden there are always new flowers coming out to entrance us.... photos are better when the sun is hiding don't you think? Unfortunately the flowers don't last very long. Like World Leaders.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

On to Victoria BC

Noble Ridge Winery, tasting their Chardonnay.

Outside in the Rain: Vaseux Lake

Good-bye to Birte and Leif
It rained yesterday but not enough to spoil our day. We sampled wines at Noble Ridge Winery, had a lakeshore lunch in Osoyoos, tasted Gelato in Oliver, had a battle of wits over Scrabble in the evening, and waved our guests on their merry way to Victoria this morning. Now back to the reality of life in the slow lane, paying bills, sending emails, and commenting on blogs....not so bad really is it?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Birte playing, Hanne Singing

Leif and Birte in a Corner of Linden Gardens

Glass Chandelier at the Red Rooster Winery

Duet on the Harp? or a Trio?
We had a full day exploring. We went to wineries, drove the country lanes, visited Linden Gardens, and sang Danish songs. Here are a few images....

Monday, July 18, 2011

Showing Round our Danish Visitors

Birte and Leif come from Silkeborg Denmark.
Skaha Lake in July

Naramata Vineyards on Okanagan Lake.

Cattle Country near Vernon
Today we show Birte and Leif around our neck of the woods, starting with Naramata. They arrived safely in their red open top sports car after a scenic drive through the Rocky Mountains from Calgary, and seem to be really enjoying their first trip to Canada. Yesterday we showed them our two lakes briefly and then had supper at home.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Quiet Sunday

Animal Farm Spotted Deer

Do You Mind?  I'm camera shy....

Proud as a Peacock

Old Business Card
We visited an animal farm once on a July Sunday and here are a few memories from that sunny afternoon. Unfortunately the farm was closed since then so our memories are unrepeatable, except by using the computer and the internet. We are in suspense just now awaiting the outcome of the rainy, windy, sunny British Open Golf. Too bad the nearest Englishman is 25th.....