Saturday, September 10, 2011

August Newsletter 2011

I have decided to write our monthly newsletter on blogger as our other website crashed just as I had finished, so here goes.
Linden Garden in August
We know August is a month for holidays but we didn't go on ours until the 25th, so everyone else seemed to visit us for theirs!  We had a great time with visitors! We had just about as many visitors as flowers in the photograph. Well not quite! Almost. Two of our friends Barbara and Kaj weren't content to just visit us, they moved into Athens Creek themselves, and we had a big celebration party to welcome them here.
 Peach festival came and went. We missed the Iron Man competition. But we did just about everything else, showing our visitors around the wineries, up and down Munson mountain,to the beach at Naramata, walked up Lee Creek, went to Osoyoos for the Desert Model Railway, had dinner there at the golf course club house, showed them the See Ya Later winery, Mahoney Lake, Twin Lakes, Green Lake, took their photo against the Big Rock, had dinner,lunch, and breakfast with them at Athens Creek, even had a campfire supper at Summerland. We had visitors from England, Penticton,Kelowna, Calgary, Toronto, Vancouver, Vancouver Island, and Denmark. On the 15th we went to stay with Rudi and Ineke in their beautiful house in the Shushwap; another day we had lunch with Inge and Jens in their new apartment in Kelowna; on the 24th Clare drove us to see Tim and Jayne's lovely new house in Kelowna; and finally we went to Vancouver on the 25th to take Alix and Jake to the ferry to Bowen Island. We had supper with Elise and Adam in Horseshoe Bay, then tried for the five o'clock Nanaimo Ferry for a visit to Vancouver Island, but the two hour wait for the seven o'clock became too hot and long so we switched plans and drove up the Sea to Sky highway and found a nice B&B in Squamish. Next day to Lillooet, then Valemount, then our Cabin at Pigeon Lake Alberta for a good rest. The last few days of the month were damp and cool, but we had a nice relaxing time anyway. We have so many good memories of August 2011. We look forward to the rest of September, hopefully it will be somewhat quieter!

Linden Gardens

Fall Colors at Linden Gardens


Danish and English colors
Yesterday we entered the swing of daily life by once again visiting our favorite gardens on Linden Avenue in Kaleden. Fall is gradually establishing its seasonal colors and flowers. Today we are inundated with choices as markets, Fall fairs, artist's studio tours, and sports events vie for our attention. The bubble of high pressure continues to dominate as cloudless skies hover above us seemingly for ages, whilst Katia threatens more stormy weather elsewhere in the world. Yesterday there was a small earthquake off our west coast and some folk felt its rumbles here. Also at Athens Creek we have another blogger you should check out. Barbara is showing us what it means to live a new life with her Danish husband Kaj in Athens Creek Lodge, and Penticton BC....

Friday, September 9, 2011

Supper Time at the Cabin

Cabin Shoes

Supper Time!

Study in Green ( Chad likes Greens!)
It was quite an adventure entertaining seven visitors for a couple of days at our cabin, but we both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, even though we were a little too mature ? to take part in the volleyball matches, and in the throwing of buckets of icy-cold well water at certain others, and in the long distance bicycle tours, we did have fun creating bonfires and having our meals cooked for us! Here are a few memories of some moments, the more active events however were captured on video....

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Holidays Over

View from our Bed & Breakfast window in Squamish BC; Pacific Ocean in the distance...

The Three Graces at the cabin, Pigeon Lake Alberta.
From left to right: Jenessa ( Hanne's Grand-daughter) with Belinda and Megan, Jenessa's friends.

Resting spot, Rocky mountains near Revelstoke BC, yesterday afternoon.
We are safely back home now after a wonderful 2000 km round trip through some of Canada's most outstanding scenery; meeting new and old friends; being both happy (enjoying our family) and sad (attending the funeral of an old acquaintance); and warm (up to 35 degrees yesterday) and cool (four degrees at our Alberta cabin by Pigeon Lake one or two days). More of our trip later, but in the meantime here are three images from our journey.....