Saturday, March 19, 2011

Indian Wells

Indian wells is a small city in California, near Palm Springs, where every year about now they hold a professional tennis tournament attracting the world's top players. Hanne being Danish follows world number one Danish star Miss Carol Wozniacki who reached the semi-finals. Federer is doing well too. The population of Indian Wells (approx. 4000) would fit into the stadium there four times over! 
It would seem to be a nice place to live, in a beautiful sheltered valley with mountains on all sides, sunshine almost every day of the year, and only 6 mm of rain. One would wonder about water supply...
Someone must have hit the ball very hard there, because it landed in the fork of a tree by Skaha Lake the other day...We are not sure whose tennis shoe this is however....Alan or Chairman Bill Sherlock Holmes might be able to help?

Friday, March 18, 2011

Windy Skaha

Wind in the Willows

British Kite?
We had a pleasant walk yesterday all along the beachfront in Skaha Lake Park. It was windy enough for a few wind-surfers to be out, and a boy with his kite showed up, a few cyclists, dog-walkers, and a quartet of teen-agers struggling to play tennis in spite of blowing balls. We returned for our evening meal of Irish Stew, washed down with green beer. I was wearing a green hat with the inscription"True Irishman" (for a day?) on it. On a technical note, I have cleaned up all the files on the computer, defragmented, etc.,because of the 401 error on the other blog,which destroyed all the photos. We shall see if this blog works for us. Wish us luck!