Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Photography Genres

Street Photography -"The Conversation"

Photography in the Rain

"Stucco Patina with Construction Debris"

"Back Yards"
There are many different ways of photographing. Recent new genres include "The Photography of Ruin" as in Andrew Moore's exhibition "Detroit Disassembled" or Camilo Jose Vergara's "Detroit is no dry bones" Recent exhibitions in London include Photos from the far east, Egypt etc, showing women's struggle for education and men wrestlers. You can always find more on Google of course. Maybe we should learn from these professionals and not always take our usual pictures....
In England's 19th Century the art of ruin became extremely popular, especially Greek and Roman ruin!
Camilo Jose Vergara

Photo by Andrew Moore of an old theatre

Photo by Camilo Jose Vergara
Both Andrew and Camilo started a new genre called variously "The Photography of Ruin" or "Ruin Pornography", or even better " Ruin Erotica"

Monday, November 12, 2012

Going for a walk with friends

Old Gate, Penticton in the back ground

Johann finds the survey marker

BC Survey marker post

Uphill and homeward we go

Small orchard tucked away in the hills

Flooding in Venice!( thanks go to "The Guardian" for this image.
Walking with friends is a very ancient activity which can still be enjoyed today even without a Tim Horton's coffee, a water bottle, a pair of ski poles, or cell phone in hand. Camera in hand is a must however. Our friend Johann discovered a British Columbia Survey Marker post on the ground near an old fence on the KVR trail. Interesting. He was very observant. If you read it carefully we are to be punished by imprisonment if we remove it!
Vera his wife made us tea and crisp bread with Stilton cheese afterwards.
Here are a few photos from our walk.
Athens Creek this morning! View outside our door....I hope you can enjoy the 3-D effect on this image!
Today all is covered in a few inches of snow, and the snow ploughs are out scraping and sanding.... No flooding here thank goodness!