Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Usain Bolt on a London Bus. Now that is an iconic image if ever there was one. He hopes to make more history. Time alone will tell.
 King Richard the Second  had icons of heraldry on his shield, they were an artistic rendering of a small house martin, called a Martlet. They were in red. Now HE made history.
The top university in Canada, Mcgill in Montreal, also has red martlets on its "coat of arms". In fact, the sports community there has as its mascot "Marty the Martlet". Hopefully our grand-daughter will be playing soccer next year for McGill.... she is scheduled to become undergrad number twenty-six thousand and one in the Fall.
Enough trivia. Oh by the way, did you know what Graupel is? It's a German/English word for "Soft Hail".


Marty the Martlet
"Graupel" is my new word for today.
( All pictures courtesy of Wikipedia )

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