Saturday, April 14, 2012


Penticton View over Skaha Lake (Photoshop CS3 Edit)

Yesterday we had ideal conditions for photography, lots of light and colour, and beautiful clouds. Today's post is about comparing two photos, both edited on Photoshop ($1000) and also on Aperture 3 ($80). See which you like the best, or even if you can tell the difference. The ones on Photoshop have to be better because the software cost ten times as much, right?...
Now I myself did not compare these edits until I saw them beside each other on this post, so I was quite surprised to see the difference in colour and contrast. The view of Penticton was also cropped differently!
Penticton View over Skaha Lake (Aperture 3 Edit)
White Lake Road (Aperture 3 Edit)
White Lake Rd (Photoshop CS3 Edit)

Friday, April 13, 2012

Spring in the Garden

View over Okanagan Lake from the Japanese Garden

Ornamental Pool

Flowering Tree

Western Entrance
We are excited there is only a week left before our beloved Linden Gardens open again for the 2012 season. In the meantime we explored our Penticton Japanese Garden and took a few photos to share...
There are lots of daffodils and crocuses out now, the Star Magnolias and Forsythia bushes are in full glory, and a few Cherry trees are starting to open their pink blossoms.
Another photo of the yellow flowering bush is here.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Doing Things Differently

We all like to stay in our own usual world. We often complain when someone comes along and wants to change things around. Examples abound. 47-year old Bashar al-Assad wants the old way to go on for ever. The folk on Wuthering Heights want their culture and history to be unsullied by the introduction of windmills. Millionaire soccer star Joey Barton was interviewed recently on his tour of The National Portrait Gallery in London. "it's nice, I like it, but it's not worth 30 million pounds" he said of one painting.
We all have our opinions naturally. That is what makes the world interesting. But sometimes it is good to break out into new thoughts and ways. I came across such a person today who is doing just that, and with great success in the Art World. 37-year-old Jorinde Voigt from Berlin is producing a new kind of art, inspired by sound, music, and other stimuli. She is exhibiting in the Lisson Gallery in London and is worth a look.
Mr Darcy Ball. Portrait by MJS. ( CS3 Filters )
Jorinde Voigt. Photo from the Internet.
I myself am trying out new ways of blogging just now. I will tell you about it later if it gets off the ground!
Here is a link you might try......
Oh by the way, I wasn't away decorating the living room, I was away doing our Income taxes!!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Skaha Bluffs

This chap didn't seem to need any ropes... (Marmot)

This chap needed lots of advisors and lots of ropes.

A lady rappelling

Lunch Break?
Rock-climbing is very popular here. There is a large selection of climbs available of all levels of difficulty, often with strange names. Yesterday we went to the "Day Care" and took a few photos. It is only about six kilometres from home. There are two large car parks provided for climbers, and they were both almost full. Everybody seems about 18-28 years old, and one lady very kindly asked us if we were going rock-climbing, so I said "sure"....

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Day

Lovely Freesias from Elise for Easter. Elise and Adam are visiting for a few days...

Easter Skies and new leaves, Penticton

New Leaves on the Willows, Athens Creek
It is already Easter, and the Easter Lilies are out. In Denmark they are called Easter Lilies, but here they are called Daffodils. I always spelt them "Lillies" but spell-check doesn't like the double "L".  So I'll just call them Daffodils. With a double "F"...
The sun is also out, which is great, makes for sharper photos... reminds me of many Easter Sundays in the past, full of sunlight!
A very happy Easter to you all! Best wishes from Hanne and Michael.