Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sailing Lessons

Yesterday Jake went to the beach and spent ages sliding into the lake at Naramata. Today we drive Aunt Alix and Jake back home to Bowen Island and then take a little break ourselves, so there will be a gap in our postings.

Jake Sliding In ( Twin Towers of Penticton in the far distance )
Sailing Lessons

Break for Lunch
Meanwhile also at Naramata there were sailing lessons in progress, carefully supervised by adults. Enjoy the photos!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

For Whom The Bell Tolls

Jake, Great-Aunt Clare, Aunt Alix, Great Grandpa Michael
Jake Tolling

The Burrowing Owl Bell

Jake and Hanne enjoying Quality Time together...
Seventy-one years ago Ernest Hemingway's famous novel of that name was published, describing the brutality of civil war in Spain. Let's hope the brutality of present day civil wars in Libya and Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq, and other countries, will soon draw to a close. Visitors to the Burrowing Owl winery were wondering for whom the bell tolled yesterday as young Jake pulled the bell rope in the tower! You can see the owl on the bell. We had perfect weather for our explorations. Today it is to be 34 degrees and more of the same sunny weather. We are visiting Naramata and Kelowna on the last day for our visitors today.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Last Visitors for the Summer

Dock at Twin Lakes

Hanne refreshing in Manitou Park Naramata

Girls Relaxing and Paddling

Three girls in a boat ( preparing lunch for their three guys who went to the pub....)
Our last set of visitors for this summer season have arrived. We are setting off soon to show them our favorite spots around Penticton and beyond. Meanwhile the world continues to unfurl around us. King Arthur has lost his appeal. Our leader of the opposition (Jack Leyton) has passed away at 61 and has been granted a State Funeral. Colonel Gaddafi probably won't get one. Next week-end Penticton holds the "Iron Man" triathlon with about 3000 participants. Life is all go! So, here are a few "Hot" photos to relax by! (They are hot because they're mostly girls)....

Monday, August 22, 2011

Rest between Visitors

Interlude. The quiet time before the next ones come. Daughter Clare, great-grandson Jake, and his aunty, my grand-daughter Alix, are on their way here from Bowen Island today. Jake's mum Adel had to stay home to go to work...So here are a few interlude images to bridge the gap.
"Summer Colors" (Digital Painting) 2011

Clown at the Interior Provincial Exhibition in Armstrong. This year it starts in a week.
Digital Photo with background painted on CS3 Photoshop. 2008

Digital Painting ( Abstract Untitled ) ? Forest Fire? What do you think? 2008

Piper ( after various filters ) at the Exhibition in Armstrong 2008

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Family Portraits

Chad Kevin Randy at Twin Lakes whilst waiting for....

Karin to Visit Friends at Twin Lakes

Swinging with Chad and Kevin in Manitou Park Naramata

Kevin and Hanne on the KVR Trail
We are enjoying our family. They are camping in Summerland close by. We had a good day with them, first exploring our favorite haunts, then to a friend of Karin in Twin Lakes, next to see a delightful model railway built by a pleasant couple of Danes in Osoyoos, and finally we all had supper together in a local Boston Pizza, before visiting with our friends Paris and Ellen in the evening.