Saturday, July 9, 2011


Back to Linden Gardens yesterday to photograph a new flower called "Foxtail Lilly". Now it is Lilly Time in the garden, and preparations were being made for another wedding today.
Eremurus bungei (Foxtail Lilly)
Wedding Lillies

Pink Lillies

?Tiger Lillies
The Lillies are at their very best just now. I expect the wedding party will be too busy to really take notice. But that is natural I suppose...

Friday, July 8, 2011


California Quail- common in these parts.

Exclusive to the Men's at Linden Gardens

Seen at the Farmer's Market in Penticton
Today it is about birds. One kind or another. At the present time a beautiful bird called Duchess Catherine is flying to Los Angeles after opening the famous Calgary Stampede Parade. The photos show other birds seen around here. We have a catbird that serenades us every morning outside our bedroom window. Enjoy the birds!
Do you mind? That is MY Beak and MY seed!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Channel Bike Ride

Anything will do for shade. Not a bad choice eh?

Catalpa Flowers ( Indian Bean Tree )
Approaches to Penticton Airport
Today before the heat set in, a bike ride along by the river or "channel" was undertaken. This is not stage five. These are a few of the photos taken en route. The Elderberry is in full flower here, as is the Catalpa. Hanne was away to Spanish Conversation....

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Going to the Beach

Building a Sand-Castle
Volleyball Camp on the Beach
Today in Penticton it is full summer. It starts out in the early morning at 15 degrees C and rises by about 2 degrees an hour, to reach 33 degrees by late afternoon. That is an amazing 18 degree rise!  At the beach, it is perfect. Blue sky, warm sun, no wind. People still stagger from their cars with an enormous amount of gear to end up doing almost nothing. But wait a minute! There is a Summer Volleyball Camp in progress. The young ones are practicing on the beach, and the older ones learning the moves on the courts behind. There is movement after all! Even the sand-castle is getting taller! Wait another minute! Here comes a bevy of six young mothers jogging with their baby-carriages in front of them! and some cyclists! and some old people in wheel-chairs! The beach is quite busy. The only group missing is the 20 some year olds. They aren't here yet because they were up late partying the night before maybe....

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Part of an Original Mural outside Penticton Art Gallery

As bloggers we must be a breed of collectors. There is an interesting list of collectibles here at Wikipedia. It is amazing the different things people collect: milk bottle labels from Sussex, or pink glass. We collect blogs. Then there's phillumeny and deltiology. But my point today is that too often we just accumulate stuff. Perhaps as Robert Genn says:- " to die with a lot of "Toys" is perhaps the new alternate form of immortality." Folks seem to collect boats, cars, houses, campers, furniture, even rooms, as they go for bigger and bigger houses. Lets hope that more people will collect photos, art, books, blogs, and become followers, and then we bloggers will be happier! or even immortal?

Monday, July 4, 2011

Alberta in July

Bonaparte's Gulls Looking East, Pigeon Lake AB

Twin Berries

Alberta Barn
Some old pictures from 2008 in Alberta. Our friends and Danish visitors are headed there tomorrow. The weather appears to be holding. Tomorrow we are expecting visitors from Salmon Arm. Next week, some from Denmark. Life is full and busy!
We go cycling as you know, but we don't average 53Km/hr., like yesterday in the Tour de France!! That is amazing!

Sunday, July 3, 2011


Hanne with Clematis

The Evening Rose

Penticton Rose Garden
Congratulations to 24-year-old Novak Djokovic for winning at Wimbledon! We enjoyed watching his brilliance on the magic of trans-oceanic TV. In the very early pre-satellite days they used to fly a tape across the Atlantic in an Air Force jet so we could watch in Canada!
If you didn't know, the singles winners received one million pounds in prize money, the runners up, half a million. No wonder Novak could afford to throw all his tennis racquets into the crowd after he won!....
More photos from the Rose Garden in celebration!