Saturday, January 28, 2012

Hooded again

Filip doing the Tango?

Winter Willow Color Again

View from the Breakfast Table

Breakfast Table
This morning we took ourselves out ( in a snow squall ) for breakfast once again at the Hooded Merganser. We had a fine view of the grey lake and some gulls, one duck, and one pigeon. We scraped the ice and snow off the car and returned to our warm apartment and watched Manchester United and Newcastle being knocked out of the FA Cup competition. What with England being beaten at cricket and Maria Sharapova losing the tennis to Victoria Azarenka it was a bad day for favourites. Anyway, we had some fun with the photos so all was not lost.

Friday, January 27, 2012


According to neuroscientist Tali Sharot the human brain is hard-wired to be relentlessly optimistic. We sort of knew that I think. Judging by our behaviour it is always someone else who gets sick or has an accident. In Calgary everyone sets out to work in their cars expecting to get there on time, but with 56 crashes every day many don't make it.    

The Pump House. (Infrared Black and White)

Blue Skies make us optimistic

More Blue

Digital Barn
A surprise in Art. We have a famous artist in Calgary working out of my old gallery creating works in 3D. M. Real Fournier is doing very well thank you! There, we thought that it was only TV and movies that were in 3D!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Lego in Space

Barn on Powerhouse Rd

Fence Post

Eagle Crest Mountain

Kaj and Barbara getting ready to celebrate their wedding anniversary in Hawaii!
Fun news! Two Canadian teenagers send a Lego-man with a Canadian flag 24Km into space. Enjoy the video!
 Today it is gloriously sunny and the snow is melting, Athens Creek is running!
Enjoy some photos from 2008....

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Keremeos Part 2

The Broken Fence

Help Yourself Fruit Stall. ( Put your money in the box )

Keremeos Bypass Road

Coming Round the Mountain
No Keremeos is not in Greece. It is a local Indian word meaning "Creek that runs through the flats" or "The meeting of the winds" depending on who you ask. There is a mixture of both native First Nations people and European immigrants living in this beautiful, fertile valley, surrounded by scenic mountains. They produce fruit, vegetables, and wine mostly, but are also famous for cattle and horse ranching. The area is known as "The Similkameen" ( meaning "treacherous waters" ) after the river that runs through the valley. The Similkameen river is 197Km long and drains into the Okanagan River near Oroville, Washington State, USA.
Digital Painting
Now we're off to eat our Haggis, and see how many are wearing kilts to dinner....

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Needs some work....

Rocks by the roadside

Corner of Green Mountain Rd

View of Keremeos

Winsom Ranch

Winter Willows
Yesterday the sun came out and we went to Keremeos and bought 10 lbs of apples for $5 and took 33 photos en route. That was one for each Km. Looks like we bought one apple for each Km too! It is 33Km to Keremeos, 43 to Oliver, 63 to Osoyoos and Kelowna, 121 to Vernon, 146 to Armstrong, and 200 to Salmon Arm. These are some our favourite places in the Okanagan. It was hovering around zero, and ranged from plus two to minus four. It was a fine morning drive, and here area few images from the trip.Now I have to go and read "Pure" and "All Roads lead to France", Costa prize winner and runner-up.....

Monday, January 23, 2012

Last Year

Corral Fence Oliver

Canada Geese

Rose Hips

iPad Time

Walk by the River (Painting)
Last year at this time we had very little snow, so much more color around. This year we are having a series of systems coming in from the Pacific bringing rain at the coast and snow inland. Today's photos are from January 2011. We are looking forward to taking sunny photos today as we are between systems.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Weather or Not

Winter Sun

Swing anyone?

Alder Rd

Bulrush View of distant Penticton.
It is white outside and snowing, but we are not obsessed with the weather. It is the forecasters. We just like to go out and take pictures in the snow before it all melts. This year it is colder so we have much more ice on the lake. On the ice is a layer of snow. In the snow are footprints, because someone has fenced off the road and put signs up saying PRIVATE. So people just walk on the lake instead. No problem!  Not only have they blocked a section of KVR trail with fences and concrete blocks, they have cut down many trees and strewn them on the trail. What a shame! Now no-one can use the land for anything, and it has become an eyesore. A sign suggests we contact our members of parliament to complain.....We are going to celebrate Chinese New Year instead!