Saturday, January 28, 2012

Hooded again

Filip doing the Tango?

Winter Willow Color Again

View from the Breakfast Table

Breakfast Table
This morning we took ourselves out ( in a snow squall ) for breakfast once again at the Hooded Merganser. We had a fine view of the grey lake and some gulls, one duck, and one pigeon. We scraped the ice and snow off the car and returned to our warm apartment and watched Manchester United and Newcastle being knocked out of the FA Cup competition. What with England being beaten at cricket and Maria Sharapova losing the tennis to Victoria Azarenka it was a bad day for favourites. Anyway, we had some fun with the photos so all was not lost.

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H said...

I'm being very frugal with my calorific intake at the moment, so I'm drooling over that breakfast big time!!!