Friday, September 23, 2011


19th Century American Gazebo

This is what the Yellow Field is like in the Moonlight, just in case you need to know.
( Nothing to do with Gazebos)

A Gazebo on Lake Okanagan in Penticton donated by the Italian Community

Gazebo is an unusual word. It doesn't seem to have a proper etymology, so here goes. I think it is a place where you can be and gaze. Gaze is straightforward. The "bo" part means dwell in Danish. So why not? A place to dwell upon the view. The word is said to include pagoda, pavilion, kiosk, belvedere, folly, alambra, pergola, and rotunda. But I am not so sure. Our bank has a rotunda on top. Doesn't seem like a gazebo. Anyway, it can also be big and have an orchestra or band playing in it.
First Nations ( Native Indian ) Gazebos in the Shushwap Region of BC.
 Used for Ceremonies, Weddings etc. February 2011.
Music Stand Gazebo by Skaha Lake. February 2011.
 It seems to obviously offer shelter, and some are even equipped with mosquito netting. There are similarities to a place where dead bodies are put before the funeral at churches, maybe waiting for the funeral procession to assemble. These are called Lych Gates. Lych means corpse. But I digress. We once built a similar place along our garden fence for afternoon tea. In UK on village greens there are often to be found ancient constructions originally to cover well-heads, sell lace, hold Saturday markets, or just for meeting places, and so on. Anyway, here are a couple of gazebo the way, the word was first used in England around 1750.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Interesting Videos

Horses with Barn

Now that is some sports car!
How to drive through a roundabout in Canada: Two Lads going to School!

"I Say ! That is some Tail!"
Transport of the Future?
When you have time, try browsing through these interesting videos from the Reality Project. There is always something new to learn, and one can have fun traveling all over the world. Today I learned that 0.04% CO2 causes global warming, and that 0.025% CO produces death......some natural gas! It would seem to be unnatural!
New Zealand is far ahead of Canada in addressing the climate change issue. And here in Penticton we are breaking records for warm weather. Today I was outdoors at 7.00 am and it was 21 degrees! Enjoy your day! We are off now down the Channel Parkway on our bicycles for a warm ride! See you next time! 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New Technology

The Confusion of New Technology

Old Technology

Ancient "Manual" Technology
When I look at today's technology I think I just have to blink and something new turns up. I feel like I'm living in a new faster industrial age. Just imagine having to adjust to the invention of the telephone. I remember a famous physician who lived at that time saying:" I haven't time to talk on this new gadget, I'm far too busy talking to people face to face". Soon we will have to adjust to the new electric cars. In a number of years they will replace the old liquid fuel-powered ones. At the moment they are at the stage of the old dial-up phones. But just blink, and they will be faster, cheaper, quieter, and more convenient, not to mention less smelly and polluting.( There was an article in the paper yesterday saying how driving in traffic can cause asthma from pollutants and particles coming from exhaust pipes).
They are already more energy efficient, and are capable of 0 to 100Km/hr in 4 seconds. There is new induction charging using wireless; charging lanes; nano-wires; battery exchange stations, and more efficient batteries in the works, just to mention a few things to watch for. In the future you won't have to do anything about re-fueling; it will all be automatic and charged to your credit more Petrol (Gas) Stations!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Chute Lake

Chute Lake

Chute Lake Resort Lodge
Want to make a Phone Call Anyone? Inside the Lodge.
Going down to the Lake from the Lodge
Yesterday the clouds cleared and the rain stopped so Hanne decided we should go to Chute Lake. We have never been there before, and once we had got over complaining about the road ( rock strewn, wash-boardy, deeply rutted, muddy, narrow, steep, and twisty, with precipitous edges) were pleasantly surprised. There is a small lake full of trout, a forty- year old log resort, well supplied with coffee and muffins and apple pie, full of pioneer collections from the early days, of signs, old pictures, irons, and outside, old farm gear. It sits alongside the Kettle Valley Railway Trail, which is heavily used by cyclists, often from Germany, as well as four wheel ATVs and dirt motor bikes, so that's where they can make an overnight stay and re-supply. It is booked up from July to the end of October, and is run by an (employed) retired German Couple 24/7; the owners Mr and Mrs Reed are now almost eighty and are hanging in there, but only just. Chute Lake is about 32Km from Penticton, and can be reached by a similar rough road from Kelowna, 19Km away. It is about 4000 ft above sea level.
There have been serious forest fires in the vicinity, the big one was 2003, but they were not involving the Lodge fortunately. You can see some dead trees across the lake....

Monday, September 19, 2011

Four More Days of Summer

The end of September brings memories of Fall colors to mind. In the South Okanagan there is little rain, as the weather systems coming from the West have to climb the Coastal Mountains: there on the high slopes they are relieved of most of their water.
Consequently our grassy fields turn brown or yellow, hence "The Yellow Field"....
Digital Image/Painting
Ploughing Competition
Maples Turning by a Picket Fence
Other memories of Fall include an annual ploughing competition, and variegated Maple leaves by a picket fence. One more thing: if you enjoy photos of foxes try this link for some prize-winning examples. We enjoyed photographing and video-ing a fox one Fall at our cabin at Pigeon Lake.....

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Summer's Last Hurrah!

Our Geraniums Grace the Deck
Okanagan Lake Flowers courtesy of the Farnham Estate
Hanne's Bouquet

Hanne checking out a Fruit Stand ( Viking Farms Kaleden )

Some of the flowers that have been displaying their beauty all Summer long are now struggling a bit and in need of care and attention; but the overall effect remains not bad at all. We strolled yesterday by two lakes, Okanagan Lake with its flamboyant displays, and Skaha Lake with its delicate wild flowers that Hanne picked for a bouquet. On the way home we bought some delicious juicy black plums from a fruit stand. Meanwhile today, Man United faces off against Chelsea in the Premiership, and World Rugby continues to demonstrate its skills, Gaddafi hunkers down somewhere, and Welsh miners mourn their lost comrades...