Monday, September 19, 2011

Four More Days of Summer

The end of September brings memories of Fall colors to mind. In the South Okanagan there is little rain, as the weather systems coming from the West have to climb the Coastal Mountains: there on the high slopes they are relieved of most of their water.
Consequently our grassy fields turn brown or yellow, hence "The Yellow Field"....
Digital Image/Painting
Ploughing Competition
Maples Turning by a Picket Fence
Other memories of Fall include an annual ploughing competition, and variegated Maple leaves by a picket fence. One more thing: if you enjoy photos of foxes try this link for some prize-winning examples. We enjoyed photographing and video-ing a fox one Fall at our cabin at Pigeon Lake.....

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Desiree said...

Thank you so much for sharing this latest link. Absolutely breathtakingly beautiful photographs! I have also enjoyed your own selection of Fall pictures, here.