Saturday, September 3, 2011


Our commenters have been kindly wishing us a nice rest as we sojourn at our Pigeon Lake cabin in Alberta. Many thanks for your good wishes!
All is about to change this Labour Day Long Week-End as seven other folk are poised to descend upon us! At least we have to be thankful that we don't have as many in our family as Pat Mackenzie in Edmonton!
Hanne's Calgary family are driving up today, with a couple of their daughter's friends who are planning to tent here, even though it goes down to six degrees Celsius at night these days!
We are looking forward to their visit, then we plan to be back home in Penticton by Wednesday next week.
Enjoy your long week-end if you have one. Hope the weather is kind to you all.

Michael and Hanne

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

We are still Alive!

We have arrived at our cabin at Pigeon Lake Alberta for the next few days, after exploring new roads and places in BC. Today is cloudy and wet with threat of thunder and a high of only 17 Celsius, and the constant sounds of tree-felling outside as the local municipality in its wisdom sees fit to diminish our wild trees in the name of safety. There was a huge old tree on our property that was always used by ducks for nesting purposes over the years. That is now gone and we can see why; it was completely hollow inside all the way down.
We discovered a squirrel or two had been in our basement sequestering bits of pine- cones in our furnace pipes thus preventing the blower from starting, so yesterday we had the repair man around to fix it. Last night it was so cosy we slept for eleven hours!
And so August draws angrily to a close, with much destruction on our Eastern coastlines, and many people losing their property and lives, as Irene ploughs its way North.
Our next post will probably be in September, when we arrive home to Penticton and edit our mountain of photos, and write our monthly newsletter!
In the meantime, stay safe and keep on blogging!

Michael and Hanne