Saturday, September 3, 2011


Our commenters have been kindly wishing us a nice rest as we sojourn at our Pigeon Lake cabin in Alberta. Many thanks for your good wishes!
All is about to change this Labour Day Long Week-End as seven other folk are poised to descend upon us! At least we have to be thankful that we don't have as many in our family as Pat Mackenzie in Edmonton!
Hanne's Calgary family are driving up today, with a couple of their daughter's friends who are planning to tent here, even though it goes down to six degrees Celsius at night these days!
We are looking forward to their visit, then we plan to be back home in Penticton by Wednesday next week.
Enjoy your long week-end if you have one. Hope the weather is kind to you all.

Michael and Hanne


H said...

Unfortunately, our long weekend was last week. Back to work on Monday! I hope you enjoy the rest of your time away though - and all of the company :)

Desiree said...

You must have been very wicked, if there's any truth in that old saying! Enjoy the last few days with your seven guests!

Barbara said...

and here in Penticton we have 30 degrees all week long and keep turning on the air conditioning. You probably have a more refreshing sleep each night though. You best get home, residents are beginning to miss you terribly. Being popular must be hard work. Good for you.