Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New Technology

The Confusion of New Technology

Old Technology

Ancient "Manual" Technology
When I look at today's technology I think I just have to blink and something new turns up. I feel like I'm living in a new faster industrial age. Just imagine having to adjust to the invention of the telephone. I remember a famous physician who lived at that time saying:" I haven't time to talk on this new gadget, I'm far too busy talking to people face to face". Soon we will have to adjust to the new electric cars. In a number of years they will replace the old liquid fuel-powered ones. At the moment they are at the stage of the old dial-up phones. But just blink, and they will be faster, cheaper, quieter, and more convenient, not to mention less smelly and polluting.( There was an article in the paper yesterday saying how driving in traffic can cause asthma from pollutants and particles coming from exhaust pipes).
They are already more energy efficient, and are capable of 0 to 100Km/hr in 4 seconds. There is new induction charging using wireless; charging lanes; nano-wires; battery exchange stations, and more efficient batteries in the works, just to mention a few things to watch for. In the future you won't have to do anything about re-fueling; it will all be automatic and charged to your credit more Petrol (Gas) Stations!


(B)engeltje said...

I wish that i could look in our future.....just to see how people live in say .....50 years.
Hihihihi....beter not to now ? Maybe !!
Greetings from Holland.

Desiree said...

As Bianca says, imagine being able to view life as it will be 50 years from now! I thoroughly enjoyed your post (but I always do, don't I?) Especially loved the ancient manual's still going strong!

Anna at the Doll House said...

I can't wait for the electric car to knock-out the petrol engine but I'm not holding my breath.


jennyfreckles said...

I think electric cars have been very slow in coming. My milkman had an electric milk float years ago. Love the reflections in that top picture.