Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Keremeos Part 2

The Broken Fence

Help Yourself Fruit Stall. ( Put your money in the box )

Keremeos Bypass Road

Coming Round the Mountain
No Keremeos is not in Greece. It is a local Indian word meaning "Creek that runs through the flats" or "The meeting of the winds" depending on who you ask. There is a mixture of both native First Nations people and European immigrants living in this beautiful, fertile valley, surrounded by scenic mountains. They produce fruit, vegetables, and wine mostly, but are also famous for cattle and horse ranching. The area is known as "The Similkameen" ( meaning "treacherous waters" ) after the river that runs through the valley. The Similkameen river is 197Km long and drains into the Okanagan River near Oroville, Washington State, USA.
Digital Painting
Now we're off to eat our Haggis, and see how many are wearing kilts to dinner....


Pat MacKenzie said...

Robbie Burns day passed with a whimper this year - I heard the bagpipes a couple of times on the radio but that's about it.

Until a few months ago my daughter who lives in Oliver worked in the hospital lab in Keremeos. I used to worry about her driving those mountain roads every day. It's a beautiful place. She works in a lab in Penticton now, when she's not busy managing the Sonora Dunes golf course in Osoyoos.

Alan Burnett said...

I seem to recall, that there was a creek that ran through the flats just down the road from where we used to live in Sheffield. But they didn't call it Keremeos : it was just the overflow from the River Don flooding the Park Hill estate. Mind you, they have probably rebranded it Keremeos these days.