Sunday, January 22, 2012

Weather or Not

Winter Sun

Swing anyone?

Alder Rd

Bulrush View of distant Penticton.
It is white outside and snowing, but we are not obsessed with the weather. It is the forecasters. We just like to go out and take pictures in the snow before it all melts. This year it is colder so we have much more ice on the lake. On the ice is a layer of snow. In the snow are footprints, because someone has fenced off the road and put signs up saying PRIVATE. So people just walk on the lake instead. No problem!  Not only have they blocked a section of KVR trail with fences and concrete blocks, they have cut down many trees and strewn them on the trail. What a shame! Now no-one can use the land for anything, and it has become an eyesore. A sign suggests we contact our members of parliament to complain.....We are going to celebrate Chinese New Year instead!


Alan Burnett said...

OK, I know I am late catching up - but why have your photographs all suddenly become predominantly white? Could it be that your printer is running out of coloured ink?

Michael and Hanne said...

Sorry Alan I don't use ink, and in this country snow is white unlike in Huddersfield....