Saturday, January 21, 2012

Warming Up

Out of our front-window

Fire-Thorn Berries

Barbecue on the Deck Anyone?

View through the side-window
The weather forecasters here insist on reporting that the temperature is warming up. Ah! when it goes to plus 10 it will be slightly warmer, but not "warming up" to minus five! That number means the weather is COLD! Temperatures can't be warm or cold anyway. They are merely numbers. This week-end here is all about the weather. We are to have everything except hot sun and thunder. Snow, sleet, freezing rain, wet rain, and clouds.
Here are some photos from today. Only sixty days until the first day of Spring. Yeah!

Some interesting MVAs yesterday. At least they used to call them Motor Vehicle Accidents. Now they are called Crashes. One clever lady drove off the road down a hill and managed to roll her car six times before ending up at the bottom of the hill right- side up. Not much car left. No windows. But she was fine! She was rescued in a stretcher using ropes and pulleys....


Filip Demuinck said...

I have never seen berries and snow at the same time. Strange but beautiful.


Friko said...

So the Brits are not the only nation obsessed with weather . . .

H said...

The blackbirds stripped my pyrocantha weeks ago.

Last weekend (up in Ambleside, but I think it was similar down here) we had temperatures of -4. That's the coldest I've seen it this winter!! It's positively balmy. We really need a short sharp cold snap to kill off the bugs. Unfortunately, that would also kill of the crocuses which are already flowering in my garden!!! In January!!!

Michael and Hanne said...

Eventually the Cedar Waxwings and the California Quail will come and eat some of the berries. But the ones left behind that don't fall off block the formation of new ones later....Lovely pictures near Ambleside! Well done!