Friday, January 20, 2012


Television Reality

Reflections of Reality

Is that duck Really Flying?

The Reality of Winter

Can you please take us out of here?

That is no Sea Monster is it? Really? ( Okanagan lake's "Ogopogo")
We as humans sometimes are able to create our own reality. The one we are comfortable with, or the one we escape to. That new house, that gorgeous garden; or that cruise ship, holiday coach tour, mountain climb, or faraway warm beach. Most others are not so lucky, usually poor people who struggle with the elements to survive. Then there is the imposed new reality, such as disaster, war, weather change, calamity. I sometimes have dreams of calamity, but when it gets unbearable, I just wake up. Last night for instance, the septic field flooded, erupted, then went on fire! In the modern world there seem to be more and more calamities, although it may be due to better reporting. The Japanese earthquake and tsunami tops the list for recent disasters. Sometimes one can only escape reality through the imagination, or by going to the movies, or by getting high on some drug. We hope you all are able to create your own ideal reality without interference from outside (or inside) forces!


Heidi said...

Wonderful post of yours, make you stop and think...You have got lots of snow, hope it is not too cold...Greetings, Heidi

Filip Demuinck said...

Makes me think of the tale of Loch Ness.


Anna at the Doll House said...

Just when I have settled into the current reality, politicians change the terms and seldom for the better. So, the only way to get to grips with reality is to be adaptable. I suppose it's called evolution.


Michael and Hanne said...

Check out the top picture Anna. The ducks are holding a political meeting protesting the government Ogopogo. Ogopogos chase ducks you know. Evolution maybe at work here. But political protest seems more likely....

Michael and Hanne said...

Thanks a lot Heidi! It was a bit cold at minus sixteen Celsius, but we are staying cosy and warm indoors mostly.