Sunday, April 1, 2012

Lady Holroyd, CBE, DBE, Doctor of Letters, U of C.

Today's post is about Lady Holroyd, who like me was born in Sheffield and went to Cambridge, but unlike me, she obtained a "starred" first in English at Newnham College. Of course I couldn't have obtained a starred first at Newnham because it is a girl's college. And I didn't take English.
I am at present reading and enjoying her short stories.
As well as being a novelist, she is famous for the long-standing feud with her sister ( a novelist too ) over the alleged appropriation of a family tea-set in one of her novels.
She is also famous for being anti-American. " My anti-Americanism has become almost uncontrollable. It has possessed me, like a disease. It rises up in my throat like acid reflux, that fashionable American sickness. I now loathe the USA and what it has done to Iraq and the rest of the helpless world."
I also suffer from acid-reflux.
Her latest book "Palm Sunday" comes out today....
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Alan Burnett said...

Og you had me going there. I was say thinking, "why have I never heard of this Lady Holroyd" and I have to confess that I eventually Googled her. Of course, of course...

Alan Burnett said...

For "og" read "oh", for "say" read "sat". I really muyst wake up in future before commenting on posts!

Alan Burnett said...

OK, OK, for "muyst" read "must"

Michael and Hanne said...

You will have to get Blogger to put an edit button into "comments"?
Thanks for visiting everyone but nobody commented on the April Fool part!