Saturday, March 31, 2012

Global Events

Thanks to advertising, enhanced by social networking websites, global events can now take place. We are maybe tired of hearing about global warming, but every so often it hits home. On a personal note, I was on holiday in Fiji once and drove my rental car back to the airport and returned home, no problem. But today many tourists are stranded there because of torrential rain which caused a mud-slide to block the airport road. Global warming? of course!
The Power of Sunlight produced these

 Wind and Storms come from the Power of Sunlight

Even Candles are possible because of Sunlight! Let's not forget to keep its power in perspective! 
Today the global event is Earth Hour, and I was encouraged to see an article written in Calgary about it. Even in Calgary, my old home town, seat of the oil industry! So tonight, at 8.30pm, you can all join in by turning off your electric lights and appliances and TV sets to celebrate! It started in Australia in 2007, and now has spread to 150 countries!


Filip Demuinck said...

I have never seen these flowers with the brown heart. They are very beautiful.


Michael and Hanne said...

Thanks Filip! They are Asters. In Alberta there are 21 different species....

Pat MacKenzie said...

We were talking about Earth Hour yesterday but I completely forgot about it today. We're heading to Osoyoos next week to spend Easter with a daughter and her family. Looking forward to seeing flowers growing and green grass. Our grass has just lost it's blanket of snow and is still brown.

Michael and Hanne said...

Thanks Pat! You may find green grass, but on top is a layer of fluffy white snow!
I cheated for Earth Hour. I was out visiting, and all my electricity was off!

H said...

I'm finding out about Earth Hour a little late. It's already well after 8.30 + 1 hour (here anyway). Soon, I will be going to bed and will turn the electricity off with pleasure :)