Monday, April 2, 2012

White Lake

White Lake and the area around it is an ecological reserve. It is a place of solitude, wide open spaces, wind through the hair, and glorious views. Part of its magic is that the road there is wild with no fences, moor-like, reminding me of the countryside around Hathersage in England. Yesterday as I wandered, my ears were full of the song of numerous Meadowlarks, and I saw my first sagebrush buttercup.
I could hear also the distant voices of passing bicycle folk training for the Iron Man.
It is amazing how small sounds can travel in a large valley.
Fallen Ponderosa Pine Trunk.

Spring in the valley, Winter in the hills

Meadowlark singing from a fence

Old Cattle Pen

White Lake. Marmots live under these rocks....

Old Cattle Chute with Moss
It was so humbling to be in a place where only Nature is in command of the changes of time...


Filip Demuinck said...

Very good pictures, love the fog.


Angela Häring-Christen said...

Oh, das sieht so schön aus. Da möchte man wandern oder mit dem Pferd reiten. Aber es ist sicher kühl, wenn der Wind bläst.
Ich liebe solche Gebiete. Tolle Fotos!
Liebe Grüsse

Kannst du bitte die Verifikation herausnehmen. Danke!

H said...

I love the open moorland roads around Hathersage, so I suspect I would also love White lake.

Jana Minor said...

Hi Michael & Hanne,

I'm a reporter the The Voice newspaper in South Vancouver. We're doing a story on the new UBC radio telescope being installed at White Lake. I'm wondering what locals like yourself think of the new project. Can I call you to discuss? Please contact me at, or 778-938-9250. Thanks

Jana Minor
Reporter - The Voice Newspaper