Tuesday, January 17, 2012

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The Window

Snowy Field
Foggy Sun

Wacom Tablet Drawing
I have been reading about " The most important living British artist" i.e. David Hockney, and all the big important exhibitions upcoming in 2012. His paintings of trees and fields in East Yorkshire leave me a little cold however. This led me to another successful modern artist on this side of the Atlantic, called Elizabeth Peyton. Strange things happen on the internet, and lo and behold I found an interesting blog  called "The New Victorian Ruralist".  It has a post about her work. 
Then if you are really into modern art try Gordon Clyne's work. His website is exquisite to explore. Lots of fun if you like art! Enjoy!


Friko said...

I'll explore the sites you mentioned.
I agree with you about David Hockney; there was a thing about him on TV. For the life of me I couldn't see the colours he painted. A Yorkshire hedgerow all reds and purples and blues and yellows, just no green.

On the other hand, I have not been trained to see those colours, perhaps I simply don't have the eye.

Angela Häring-Christen said...

Habt ihr so viel Schnee? Wow, das sieht toll aus.
Nein, die Vögel auf meinem Blog, die Bergfinken oder Nordfinken sind "Bramblings" (Fringilla montifringilla)
Liebe Grüsse

Michael and Hanne said...

Thanks Angela!

Desiree said...

Oh, my goodness! I've missed such a lot during my blogging break. Are you on steroids or something? You've been so prolific with your posts and, as always, they remain of such a high standard. 'Real quality' is what comes to mind when I think of PENTICTON COMMENTARY. It's good to be back! I'll need to pop round again to catch up with all I've missed and to track the links you provide. I often gasp at the beauty of your pictures, Michael. Today, especially. Big hug for you both xoxo

Michael and Hanne said...

Thank you Des. Your profuse compliments are much appreciated!