Monday, January 16, 2012

Maritime disasters

Snow Patterns

Winter Mountain Ash

Continuing on the theme of cruise ships, I found that in 2010 as many as 15 million passengers went on cruises that year, so say at 3000 each that would be about five thousand cruises. I also concluded that if there is a problem, the bigger the ship, the greater the loss of life. The most famous disaster was the Titanic, where 1,523 lost their lives. The worst was in 1945 when the Wilhelm Gustloff went down and 9,300 were lost. In 1987, The Dona Paz went down losing 4,386. So the recent accident off Italy was pretty insignificant in comparison really! If you take a cruise this year then, make sure you know how to swim first!
I think I will just stay dry and photograph scenes on land....


Filip Demuinck said...

Nice pictures. I am certainly going to cruise two times this year and I know how to swim. :-) If you see a deadly car accident, are you never going to get into a car again.


Michael and Hanne said...

You are right Filip!
But I also get seasick so no cruises for me!