Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Behaviour Patterns

I just realized that we as humans behave in patterns according to the group we belong to. For example a group of young people come together for a party, dance, take methamphetamine, get drunk, smash the place up, etc.
 Another example would be, the arrival of a two lane highway makes people go faster and overtake just to be ahead.
Schubert Rd

Minus 16 C

Melting again

Back Lane Walkway?
Usually they are younger people, the younger, the faster they go.
The other group behaviour has to do with language. Each group talks in a different way, using different vocabulary. Gangsters have their own dialect, and their own unique standards of behaviour involving guns, knives etc.
I have a grandson who blogs about kayaking, but he uses sport dialect which needs translating even though it is still English. I suppose ballroom dancers have their own lingo too. And cruise liner captains occasionally behave like little boys showing off . We live in a strange world in which most of us don't seem to be in touch with reality, prisoners of our own wild imaginations! We fail to take notice of regulations and rules, and even common sense at times. We hurry along from one important appointment to another in our own group bubble of distraction.
Another thing: what happened to professionalism? We all expect it when we trust our lives to others, on an airplane for instance! We know the pilot will stay awake of course. We expect at least truck drivers to respect school zones....I had better stop otherwise I will be accused of belonging to a group of humans called the older generation who are always complaining about the younger generation!

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Desiree said...

I love your expression, "group bubble of distraction". Apt dig at cruise liner captains who need to show off. Superb pictures again, especially the first and last.