Saturday, November 5, 2011


A texture in photography is necessarily a visual one, but it sometimes projects into the mind one of physical feel and touch. Photos can also project sounds, smells, or memories. These photos today are examples of such as may be capable of such projections. Textures in photography are so popular there is a large number of companies selling digital textures to add on to your photos as layers.
Tree and hillside textures, OK Falls
Interesting textures on the famous Very First Permanent Photo by N. Niepce. 1826. 8 hr exposure. "View from the window at Le Gras"

Fish in Okanagan River. Looks like Moxostoma robustum ( Redhorse) but who am I to say?

Leaf colors and textures, Athens Creek Lodge
We are saddened today because of the terrible motor vehicle tragedy in Somerset. I thought they had a fog warning system. Time perhaps to wonder why we drive our vehicles using inflammable fuel. The balloonists found out the dangers of using hydrogen, and quickly switched to helium. Why don't we all go out and buy an electric car? I suppose the battery could blow up though!

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Alan Burnett said...

I do miss the grain of old film. I know you can get layers and filters that re-introduce it to digital images, but somehow it is not the same thing.