Friday, November 4, 2011


Some people like counting. For example, every second five people are born and two die.
One can have fun on the internet with this; google "every second" to see. But mostly they give us figures one can't get one's head around. Like every second the sun puts out enough energy to power the Earth's needs for goodness knows how many million years. Or every second we output seven hundred tonnes of carbon dioxide into our atmosphere.
If the sun is so powerful why aren't we already collecting its energy? It seems we are too busy digging up tar and building pipelines and tankers to notice. And of course it's cheaper to use wire rather than pipes.
Yes I knew you would like to photograph me, I'm so handsome.

Bird-watching, Salmon Arm

Okanagan Lake, November. ( Digital Painting )

Skaha Lake, November
Yesterday they announced  that now there are more electronic devices than people in the USA. Really? Years ago Norway had five cell phones per capita. I think it was due to women's fashions. One had to have a pink one for the pink outfit, a blue one for the blue outfit.....
Try running those on gasoline!


Filip Demuinck said...

The last picture is fantastic.


H said...

I love the last picture too.
I Googled 'Every second'. At 19 blogposts published per second, it's not surprising that I struggle to keep up with all the reading :)