Sunday, November 6, 2011

Grown Up

When is one grown up? There is very little on the internet about what this means, and it varies from place to place anyway. I have always had difficulty with the fact that one can fight and die for one's country ( shades of Remembrance Day in the back-ground here ) at 18 and yet not be allowed to drink a pint in a pub until 21 (British Columbia).
"Fall" is actually happening here right now. Hanne is shown as a good example of a grown-up...

This is somebody's grown-up idea of a house ? (Penticton)

It has a nice view anyway.
Vikings in Lewes UK last night. ( thanks to Mary Turner/ Getty Images)
One can get a driver's licence at 16 in Alberta but one has to be 17 in UK. One has to be mature to be a grown-up, yet some grown-ups are so immature. " He's got the Key of the Door; Never been 21 before" ? We discovered that Queen Victoria got the key of the door at 18 and threw her mother out !
The recent Guy Fawkes shinanigans in UK are a good example of immaturity? Why did the Lewes Bonfire Society have to parade down the streets with flaming crosses? Even the Danes were there dressed up to kill (see photo). It is quite amazing how the fifth of November has changed since I was a child. Grow up you Guys! Go back to your grow-ops and grow them up!


Anna at the Doll House said...

I am a strong believer that one can be grown-up but young at heart.


Desiree said...

Good thoughts. That UK pile up was horrific.