Friday, November 18, 2011

Banning Footballs

Snow has arrived in Penticton

View from our computer room

Near our Ski Hill
Somehow things got out of hand in a Toronto schoolyard recently when a parent arriving to pick up her child was struck on the head by a soccer ball and had to be taken to hospital with a concussion. Maybe it was her head striking the ground that caused the concussion, who knows. The outcome: " all balls are banned in the schoolyard from now on." Interesting! When we were young at school our parents didn't provide us with soccer balls. They were too expensive. Anyway, the school was expected to provide them.Nobody ever got a concussion from a soccer ball. Here in Penticton, we have a fine school next door equipped with two soccer fields. They are hardly ever used for soccer. But the children are made to run around the whole field three times before lunch. They get their exercise. The folk in Toronto are all worried that the children won't get enough exercise now that balls have been banned. Weird World! Whatever will they ban next? They have already banned headstands, the Lord's Prayer, bullying, the list goes on and on.....


Filip Demuinck said...

Beautiful pictures. I love the snow. You get lots of it in Canada I assume.


jennyfreckles said...

That snowfall would be classed as deep here and everything would stop and the schools would close! I am happy to look at it on your blog but I do hope it doesn't arrive here too soon.