Saturday, November 19, 2011

Getting There

Do we use road or rail? (Armstrong BC)

Ferry? (Kelowna BC)

Or personal transport? (Penticton) ( by the way, the sign close by reads "do not feed wildlife" )
There are some interesting places in the world where individuals have made a difference in how people travel to work, shops etc. There are a few in Canada even, Ottawa seems to be making good progress in bicycle lanes development. Copenhagen is very advanced in this department. But one of the most striking is in Bogota Columbia, where the Lord Mayor in 1998 helped by city planners made big progress by using central bus lanes, banning cars on Sundays in a large section of the city (population about three million), cutting down on pollution, and getting rid of traffic jams. On Sundays they all get their bikes out, go down to the squares, do exercises, and have lots of fun! There are 300Km of bike lanes. He was inspired by the arrangements in Curitiba Brazil. If you are interested, click on Bogota Traffic and Curitiba. I am afraid Calgary Alberta where I used to live still has a lot to learn about getting away from personal car traffic and its jams. They have opted for building expensive light rail transit but still have traffic jams. Vancouver BC too. The secret apparently lies in doing away with private cars and replacing them with rapid transit buses, and building a linear city with no downtown concentration of businesses.


Filip Demuinck said...

We are also guilty of not using our bike enough. Your pictures are really good.


Desiree said...

I love these thought provoking posts you do! And your photographs are marvellous (but that's nothing new to your ears, either).

I trust you are both well...I've not been able to spend much time blogging...and so have fallen behind again!

Big hug xoxo