Thursday, July 21, 2011


Whilst waiting for the World to sort itself out, and climate change to improve, we visited Linden Gardens once more for an interlude. The mess in Afghanistan, Iran, East Africa, Libya, and News International continues to nauseate. But it keeps the journalists busy. Except the dishonored ones: they have to languish in jail. Or resigned obscurity.
The year 2011 is an interesting time in history, when so many world leaders are being replaced in a short time. Maybe even Mr Cameron? Mr. Mugabe? Mr Ahmadinejad? Mr.Obama? Mr. Gaddafi? (Gadhafi). The list goes on and on.

At Linden there are always new flowers coming out to entrance us.... photos are better when the sun is hiding don't you think? Unfortunately the flowers don't last very long. Like World Leaders.


Desiree said...

I know I'm going to sound particularly naive, but I remain incredulous at the rapidity with which some of the world's worst leaders get into power and how long they manage to cling to those positions. What is WRONG with humanity, that there is such stupidity in choosing its leaders? And then, once they're in power, why is it so darned hard to get them to step down? How is it that a handful of thugs can hold a whole nation hostage?

Your flowers are glorious! I'd far rather spend my days sitting in a garden than pondering the foolishness of mankind!

H said...

'Mess' is about right! The whole world seems to be in a mess and the politicians either exploiting it or powerless to change it!

Alan Burnett said...

And some of them last far too long : that is world leaders and not flowers.