Friday, July 22, 2011

Whilst Considering

Possible Van Gogh in ? The Crow & Gate ?

I think they just enjoyed a pint at the Crow and Gate

"The Last Spike" ( in the railway line across Canada ) Just another Tourist Photo!
Whilst considering blowing up the Norwegian Prime Minister, shooting a few dissidents in Iran, and attending a gay wedding in New York, I had a wonderful visit to a cobweb-bestrewn wine cellar recommended by Des Harding's daughter in South Africa, that suggested to me I should talk about a lovely old sixteenth century English Pub by the name of "The Crow and Gate" in Crowborough Sussex. A copy was made in the countryside near Ladysmith on Vancouver Island, so we advised our Danish travelers they should give it a look. It came first in an assessment of all 31 restaurants in Ladysmith. It was one of our favorite haunts when we lived near there, and was the site for several important family gatherings, discussions of various family crises in our children's lives, and the place we went to on our first date some 18 years ago! There is even a painting of the pub, hanging in the pub, by yours truly. It is quite amazing how the photos of the one in England are so like the photos of the one in Canada, even down to the landscaping. We held my big birthday party there some years ago. To see more you are recommended to google "The Crow and Gate" in Ladysmith and in Crowborough. Unfortuately I can't locate a photo from there just now...
Oh by the way, they serve a nice pint of Kilkenny, and it tastes really good in winter by the side of a roaring log fire!


Desiree said...

I have visited the websites of both Crow and Gate Pubs. They both look like delightful spots to enjoy a tasty pub meal with a glass of wine or beer, either in the cozy interior in winter or seated in that lovely garden setting in summer.

Claudia Moser said...

Poor Oslo inhabitants indeed!