Wednesday, July 20, 2011

On to Victoria BC

Noble Ridge Winery, tasting their Chardonnay.

Outside in the Rain: Vaseux Lake

Good-bye to Birte and Leif
It rained yesterday but not enough to spoil our day. We sampled wines at Noble Ridge Winery, had a lakeshore lunch in Osoyoos, tasted Gelato in Oliver, had a battle of wits over Scrabble in the evening, and waved our guests on their merry way to Victoria this morning. Now back to the reality of life in the slow lane, paying bills, sending emails, and commenting on blogs....not so bad really is it?


Alan Burnett said...

You tend to see a lot more of life when you are in the slow lane : and you don't use up anything like as much fuel as those idiots flying down the outside lane.

Desiree said...

If you'd like to take a peek at an unusual South African winery, take a peek at my daughter, Linda's blog...