Friday, June 17, 2011

Black and White and Abstract

Lady with no Head? Probably recent, look at all the blood!

Chop Bar with Chop Stick?

Keep It Genuine Hanne!
I had a bit of fun making black and white photos on our trip. The first one is a close-up of one of the old grain elevators near Drumheller. If you look closely you can see all sorts of things from bullet holes to foot prints to peeling and spilled paint. The restaurant from Calgary I enjoy because of the parking mistake with the fallen pole: and the one with Hanne outside the Greek Restaurant "The Broken Plate" is much better in black and white than in color, in spite of the colored flowers.


Desiree said...

Ah, you definitely were having fun playing around, weren't you? Don't care much for the gruesome caption, "Lady with no Head"...I felt relieved when you explained the origin of your subject ;) Lovely, genuine picture of Hanne :) And the other black and white is rather abstract-looking, isn't it! Very clever capture. You have a good eye and are quite the artist, Michael!

Have you ever exhibited any of your work?

Michael and Hanne said...

Only Paintings Des. Photos no. I just enjoy sharing! Thank you for your compliments.

ira said...

I returned the whole, healthy and happy, thank you for the concern is very, very nice.
I have to catch up and visit all my friends on blogs.
Oh, I see that you came in a lot of great, interesting photos.
If I know what brand is your camera?
Greetings from the beautiful full of tourists Ustka Irena