Saturday, June 18, 2011

Moving In

Our friends Inge and Jens are moving today. They have sold their nice house near Vernon and are now to live closer to us in West Kelowna. They have a new condominium in a great location overlooking a golf course near Shannon Lake. Down-sizing seems to be the trend at our age. Des just gets her lawns replaced. However, lawn-cutting, tree-trimming, eavestrough cleaning, house-painting, and window-cleaning still remain as hazardous occupations for older folk.
On a different note, Hanne and I had an argument about the plural of bus. By the school next door there is a sign that says "School-Busses Park Here". I said it doesn't look right. Hanne said it looks perfectly fine. After we looked up the spelling, both plurals are correct! So, we were both right! A rare occurrence for couples...
Jens and Inge's Front Door

The View Over the Golf Course

The Condos
Bus, buses, bus, busses, busing, bused, bussing, bussed... Take your pick!


Desiree said...

What a smart looking condo! With a view like that and making one of those gracious apartments home, I'm sure Jens and Inge will settle very contentedly!

Replacing the lawn is Step 1 ;)

Des xoxo

ape2016 said...

I agree, busses brings to mind a kiss you get on a cheek, not transportation. Learn something new everyday...