Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Few Churches from Our Alberta Trip.

Irricana United Church

The Sharon Danish Lutheran Church, Calgary seen through our tour bus window.We attended the celebration service for the inauguration of the new combined congregations of two churches.

Drumheller's Little Church

I thought today I'd mention a few churches seen on our recent Alberta Adventure. The first one was spotted on our journey from Calgary to Drumheller on highway 9, at a little place called Irricana. The second was the one in Calgary mentioned on an earlier post, the Sharon Danish Lutheran Church. The third is a tiny church in Drumheller. You can just make out Hanne reading the lesson inside if you look carefully! And the last one we were shown around was in the hamlet of Dalum, again a Danish Lutheran Church. I don't have a still of this one, but you can see it here. It is absolutely in the middle of nowhere, at some crossroads, but folk come from miles around to attend.
We were also shown around the original 19th C parsonage....
On the wider world scene, we have to remark on the "Momentous Millinery" seen recently at Ascot, the horrible and destructive post-Stanley Cup Ice-Hockey Final riots that took place in Vancouver last evening after the Vancouver Canucks lost the cup to the Boston Bruins 4-0; and on the opening of the first day's golf in the US Open held this year in Bethesda, Maryland. Lots to keep an eye on, not to mention Wimbledon....


Desiree said...

My favourite has to be the church that seats the most congregants, even if at only six at a time!

So even Ice-Hockey spectators are into thuggery, now. It always used to be Soccer Hoodlums! When did a game cease to be about fun and turn into civil war?

ape2016 said...

I love the tiny church! Wonder what they did when more than 6 people showed up for service?