Sunday, May 29, 2011

New Lutheran Church

After last night's Gala Dinner and Dance, today the sun came out, and we piled into a school bus and with a total of 150 people attended a two hour service celebrating the consecration of a new church. The building was constructed by Danes eighty years ago, but this congregation was a combination of that of the original church and another Danish Lutheran church. There were lots of flags, choirs, and four pastors and one bishop, and lots of speeches, with some glorious organ music, and a luncheon afterwards. There was a ceremonial procession of a large model sailing ship, which will be installed. Tradition has it that the ship represents the church with Jesus Christ at the helm.
The weather continued all day, so what with the rain then the sun, everyone's lawn now needs cutting in a bad way!
By the way I tried posting my blog by email with a photo to blogger but it just went into cyberspace and never arrived! I will put photos on when we get home in June...

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