Wednesday, June 1, 2011


We are now visiting Drumheller for a week of Danish culture at a sort of high school convention for mature Danes. The surrounding area has strange topography;we are surrounded by horizontally striped flat- topped hills whose appearance is still what it was just after the ice-age. In some areas there are hoodoos which we have been photographing. Strange columns of slowly eroding soft rocks capped by harder rock lids. The other feature near here is that there is a vast area of dinosaur bones which people come and dig up and study. Even the huge dinosaur museum, the hospital, and several other buildings are design to match the hills by having horizontal stripes. The locals have built huge plaster replicas of the dinosaurs all over town to attract the tourists. In the past there was a boom in coal mining here and There are various disused mine sites to visit. Last evening we were taken to the "Last Chance Saloon" in Wayne for a barbecue steak dinner , where all the miners used to go in the old days.So we are now full of Alberta meat and Hans Christian Andersen, ready to leave in a coach to learn more about the dinosaurs at the museum...

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