Saturday, May 28, 2011

Viking Day

Yesterday after the meetings we had a Viking Evening. Besides a lovely evening meal, life became complicated as in amongst us were Vikings dressed in Viking clothes, armed with swords, and wearing helmets. They were even eating Viking food out of rough bowls or baskets. Every so often they would capture someone and threaten to slit his throat if we didn't buy him back. I believe it is called blackmail, but it was an unusual fund-raising strategy I must admit.A pretty girl would be captured and auctioned off as a slave. Her husband would sometimes buy her! They even sold off one of their own Viking girls as a consort for the evening.We had a good laugh at our table when one old Danish bachelor sat with a Viking girl on his knee!
By the way, a Viking is any seaman or warrior who took part in an expedition overseas, usually to find better farming land, between about 800 and 1100 AD, from somewhere in Scandinavia..


jennyfreckles said...

Sounds fun - unless you were threatened with having your throat cut!
I didn't know Andrew Wyeth but, thanks to good old Google, I do now - and I can see why my photo reminded you of his work. Lots of space and a sense of ambiguity, is it benign or menacing....

Desiree said...

At the risk of sounding like Jenny's echo, I'm going to say, 'it sounds as though you've been having some great fun!'