Tuesday, March 22, 2011

World Water Day

 Finally I've found out what "WWW" stands for. It's "World Well Water". Well, today is it. World Well Water Day, meaning not only healthy water but save the water day. I've always had a problem with saving water because it just goes round and round, up into the clouds, down as rain, out into the rivers, into the sea, and up into the clouds. It is the energy we use to clean it and pump it and pipe it that is wasted if we "waste water".
Canadians use twice as much water in a day as Europeans. There is plenty of water in most of Canada, but some areas like ours may need to pump it from elsewhere in the future. It is said that later, wars will be over water supply. So, let's be careful. No flushing of hair, cigarette-ends,dead insects, or food down toilets. There are better ways of disposing of such things. No running water to rinse dishes or clean your teeth. No cleaning of driveways by hosing them down. In Vancouver they have water police driving up and down the streets checking for lawn watering. That is why in the summer all the front lawns are brown and the back lawns are green! Of course, no-one reading this blog would even think of using water in such a wasteful way....
 Have a nice World Water Day!
 The photo is of Skaha Lake today. Usually it is windy here, but not now. There are waves and "white horses" most of the time. The night before last it was windless and cold, and the whole lake had a sheet of ice on it. Very rare. Today it was all melted....


Desiree said...

"In every glass of water we drink, some of the water has already passed through fishes, trees, bacteria, worms in the soil, and many other organisms, including people."
~Elliot A. Norse~

"Water is the basis of life and the blue arteries of the earth! Everything in the non-marine environment depends on freshwater to survive."
~Sandra Postel~

H said...

That is a beautiful reflection! I'm surprised that Canadians use so much water in comparison to us. I thought that WE were pretty wasteful!

I understand what you mean about the problem with the concept of wasting water. The whole 'water cycle' process does beg the question of how we will ever run out. The energy used is definitely the problem, plus the amount removed from our rivers, lakes and wetlands. The more we use, the less they have.

An interesting fact for Alan...

It takes 170 litres of water to produce one pint of beer.